How to carve a 3D solid in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, you can cut a 3D solid to produce new 3D bodies in several ways. Consider two ways.
The easiest, use the CUT command (_slice in English version). At the command prompt, type CUT, press Enter, select 3D solid, and then the command prompts you for several options for cutting the solid. You can cut a body by specifying three points (the default) by selecting a flat object, a surface, or one of the coordinate planes (XY, YZ, ZX).

Another way to create another 3D solid completely intersecting the one you want to cut. Next, using the command SUBTRACT (_subtract) cut the desired 3D body by subtracting from it another 3D body.

However, after you use the command REDTEL (_separate), to actually divide the body into several.

Translation (conversion) from pdf to dwg by standard AutoCAD tools

AutoCAD is a very versatile CAD program. In confirmation of this, let’s consider a method by which you can translate relatively simple graphics from pdf to dwg format without the use of special programs. The essence of the method is to insert the so-called «pdf Underlay»into the current AutoCAD document. Open the Insert menu, select PDF Underlay. The pdf file selection window appears, select the file and in the next window select the desired page, the insertion point in the document and the scale if necessary.

If the graphics in the PDF vector after inserting into the AutoCAD document to it can be bound by object binding and» outline » the graphics pdf standard means AutoCAD such as polyline, circle, spline, etc.

Several variables are «in charge» of binding to the substrate graph: DWFOSNAP, PDFOSNAP, DGNOSNAP, their values must be equal to «1» for the binding to work.

How to calculate mass, volume, center of mass of 3D solid in AutoCAD

To calculate the mass, volume, center of mass of a volumetric body in AutoCAD, there is a corresponding command button to call it is on the Details panel.

Also call the command with its command-line MASS-HAR or _MASSPROP and press Enter.

After you run the command, you must select a volumetric body, then a window with the characteristics of the 3D body will appear.

The first line is called Mass, but in fact it is the Volume of the selected body in mm3.

To obtain body weight, it is necessary to make some calculations, namely, multiply the value In the mass or Volume column by the density of the materials that corresponds to this solid.

To simplify and speed up this procedure, it is easier to use the appropriate application for calculating the mass of 3D body in AutoCAD.

How to disable pre-selection of objects when you hover the mouse in AutoCAD 2015

In AutoCAD 2015, the function of pre-selection of objects when you hover the mouse pointer over them, this function is not always and not for all is convenient and useful. For disabling pre-selection of objects meets the variable

SELECTIONPREVIEW. when calling it from the command line and setting the value to 0, the function of preliminary selection of objects will be disabled .

How to reduce dwg file size

Quite often there is a need to reduce the size of the AutoCAD DWG file, except for the methods already described in the article, we will consider two more. In AutoCAD, there is a command that allows you to delete Unused blocks in the current file, fonts, layers, etc., which also increase the file size. To call this command, select the File menu, then the Utilities item, the Clear command, in the command window click the «Delete All» button.

Blocks can be used to reduce the size of a DWG file with a large 3D assembly containing duplicate objects (_block command in the Russian version). We place one instance of an object or a group of objects in a block, and use the already created block as the remaining instances. when inserting the next block instance into a file, AutoCAD inserts only a link to it, which significantly reduces the file size .