What’s new in AutoCAD 2020

Added a dark theme, which is much more convenient in terms of reducing eye fatigue when working in the program for a long time.

The highlighting of contextual tabs on the ribbon is now more distinct when it is active, for example, when editing text or creating hatching.

How to insert a block in AutoCAD 2020.

There are currently several methods available for inserting blocks: insert, tool palettes, and design Center. The presence of these different options, recognizing that people in different disciplines have different requirements and preferences.

The main reason for changing the design of the insert dialog box is to provide a better visual preview of blocks in the workflow for inserting blocks. The palette improves the efficiency of searching and inserting multiple blocks, including a new re-placement option that can save you a step.

Key features in the new block palette make it easier to efficiently set and insert blocks from the most recently used list or from specified drawings. Three tabs provide access to the following
• * the current drawing tab displays all block definitions in the current drawing, either as icons or as a list.
• The recent tab displays all recently inserted blocks, regardless of the current drawing. They are saved between drawings and sessions. You can delete a block from this tab by right-clicking it and selecting Delete from the recent list.
• On the Other drawings tab, you can go to folders from which you can select drawings to insert as blocks or select one of the blocks defined in these drawings. These drawings and blocks are also saved between drawings and sessions.
The upper part of the palette contains several controls, including a field for applying wildcard filters to block names, as well as several parameters for various thumbnail sizes and list styles.

How to clear a document in AutoCAD 2020 from unused primitives.

The cleaning function (the PURGE command) has been revised to make it easier to clean and organize the drawing. The control settings are almost the same, but the orientation is more efficient, and the preview area can now be changed.

How to find and delete duplicate objects in an AutoCAD 2020 document.

Another new and useful command is the ability to delete duplicate objects this is especially useful if these objects can not be visually determined that is, they completely match in shape and coordinates. To call this command, type OVERKILL in the command line.

How to measure objects in AutoCAD 2020.

Measurement is much faster thanks to the new quick option of the MEASUREGEOM command. Use this option to quickly view dimensions, distances, and angles within a 2D drawing.
If this option is enabled, the command dynamically displays dimensions, distances, and angles within the 2D drawing when the mouse cursor hovers over and between objects. The orange squares displayed on the left side of the drawing represent angles of exactly 90 degrees.

Graphical settings in AutoCAD 2020.

AutoCAD now runs correctly with various DirectX drivers (Dx9, Dx11, or without drivers), high-resolution (4K) monitors, and dual monitors. In addition, the graphic display settings are combined into three modes, which include gradient hatching and images. Graphics performance tuning, intermediate mode, is updated to automatically reset multiple display parameters to optimize your display. Settings are made using the GRAPHICSCONFIG command.