How to reduce dwg file size

Quite often there is a need to reduce the size of the AutoCAD DWG file, except for the methods already described in the article, we will consider two more. In AutoCAD, there is a command that allows you to delete Unused blocks in the current file, fonts, layers, etc., which also increase the file size. To call this command, select the File menu, then the Utilities item, the Clear command, in the command window click the «Delete All» button.

Blocks can be used to reduce the size of a DWG file with a large 3D assembly containing duplicate objects (_block command in the Russian version). We place one instance of an object or a group of objects in a block, and use the already created block as the remaining instances. when inserting the next block instance into a file, AutoCAD inserts only a link to it, which significantly reduces the file size .